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Last transnational meeting brings the project closer to its end

On 11-12th May 2023, the partners of the project met for the last official time for a transnational meeting.

The meeting was used as a joint working space together with preparing and implementing the ending multiplying event.

For the meeting therefore, we discussed about management aspects: past and future local workshops until the end of the project, general management aspects for the last month, more promotion and dissemination actions for the courses platform; financial aspects in terms who spent how much, if there are extra resources needed; we touched too about the communication and dissemination plan, as well as the accomplishments so far in this sense; general report’s deadlines and Gantt of the activities so far, as well as discussing about the final reporting and technicalities for it; transnational meetings, learning and training mobilities, intellectual outputs and past multiplying events.

We have evaluated the overall management and on-going of the project, as well as the tasks and their fulfillment of each team/partner, implemented activities per whole, outputs and the courses platform, financial division and efficient ways of spending the budget.

Overall from the reports and information gathered so far we concluded that we have reached our targets.

We can conclude that on a macro level the project has been a successful one, despite the challenges encountered on the way.

We can only thank the partners for the joint efforts and congratulate for the achieved results!

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