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Juan Luis Guerra, a living myth

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Juan Luis Guerra is a musician, musical producer, singer-songwriter and businessman, born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, he is actually 64 years old and he have sold more than 30 millions records.

He have won more than 30 awards from Grammy, Latin Grammy and Latin Billboard with hits like: Best tropical latin album, best tropical song ("Las avispas"), where Juan Luis Guerra was able to introduce up to 12 bible verses. Also he won awards as song of the year ("La llave de mi corazón") or Person of the year in 2007.

He has recorded up to 13 albums, even Rosario Flores versioned the song and the album which made Juan Luis Guerra internationally famous: "Ojalá que llueva café en el campo".

It is said that this song was made thanks to the inspiration that JLG got from a poem from a countryman, in Santo Domingo, where this artist was born, is well known for the coffee fields.

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