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Italy reunites us in the 3rd management meeting

The third transnational meeting took place in Casapesenna, Italy, on 10-11 October 2022 reuniting 8 members of Yellow Shirts, IREA and Giosef. The main topics were the mobilities, intellectual outputs, next transnational meetings, multiplying events, local workshops, communication and dissemination plan, as well as other management aspects.

The first day of the meeting was dedicated to management aspects of the project so far, assessing the implemented activities, checking monitoring indicators, and evaluating the mobilities. While C1 is still happening by mid-December, the other 3 have ended and we discussed in details about the participants, activities and learning outcomes.

We also discussed about the intellectual outputs and evaluated the work so far, while planning the next phases of the remaining aspects to be uploaded to the platform and web. While talking about the MOOCs on music production, online promotion, entrepreneurship and creative entrepreneurship, we also discussed about the target group for these courses, ways to attract them and the on-going support to be offered during the courses in order to achieve the end of them and receive the certification.

For the second day we talked about the next transnational meetings, especially for the last one in Timisoara, which is to be connected with the final multiplying event. Nonetheless we discussed about the further communication steps to create more materials for attracting more people to the platform and join the courses, and to the website, distribute the work we do, improve the website performances and materials on it.

Our SBT team is still on it - Join us!

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