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Increasing NGOs’ organisational capacity

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

If the MOOCs are destined to the youth, it is time to point back our attention to the potential supportive organisations for them: the NGOs eager to develop activities and programmes destined to support the youth and in particular in the cultural field.

There are organisations that are active in the youth and/or creative sectors but which have not been involved nor in contact with EU funding before and that would definitely benefit from this financial support.

These associations need not only the financial support that the EU funding could offer them, but they would need as well expertise and know-how on how to search the information about the available funds, how to write a project specific for these funds and how to adopt and adapt their working methods to the EU context and non-formal methods.

So what do we propose?

To elaborate a material with launched programmes of 2021-2027, thus providing fresh information, as well as creating a real support for smaller organisations that would like to implement more activities and that have the needed resources to activate more, but lack the awareness of such funds, ways to access them or managing them. There could be more newcomers in the “Erasmus family” and so give the opportunity to more organisations to access funds to develop activities locally or internationally.

The proposed contents are:

  • EU funding opportunities (new programmes 2021-2027); accent on youth and/or culture related funds

  • project cycle and project writing

  • project management and practical implementation (transnational meetings, mobilities, local activities, visibility, dissemination, etc)

  • activity planning and learning outcomes correlation

  • methods of working with youth, within the EU funded projects, with an accent on the digital tools

Do you know anyone from an organisation eager to access EU funds? Let them know about this opportunity!

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