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If you love concerts, you can't miss this novelty

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Surely, you are a fan of seeing your favorite artists live, however, sometimes it is difficult for them to come to your city or to afford a ticket. Or on the other hand you made an event and want to promote your concerts and music for free. Here are 4 apps or websites to access them quickly.

In these platforms you can get different kind of content from playlists, some videos of live concerts or even the concert calendar of your artist.

  • Bandsintown

It is an application to know the day by day of the concerts that are held in different cities. The different concerts of all kinds of artists or genre, this app allows you to set notifications with a custom option by dates, venue, artists, etc.

  • Setlist

After the concert is over, there is a public or fans who make their list of songs they enjoyed and write them down to keep that memory. These track lists are used to know which song is coming next, and as a fun fact they are lists coordinated by different fans from all over the world.

  • Wegow

This is an app that schedules concerts and festivals, but with a social component, as you can see what yours friends or followers like. This also has the possibility of buying tickets and allows you to buy the ticket directly.

  • Songclick

This app stores a list of artists that you have to see, and when you make a list it reminds you of news related to the bands, and the option of buying the ticket directly. One of the benefits of this app is that you can synchronize it with your Spotify playlist.

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