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I Still Believe

Director: Erwin Brothers

Genre: Music/Drama/Biography

Starring: KJ Apa; Britt Robertson; Melissa Roxburgh; Nathan Parsons; Shania Twain; Gary Sinise

Spotify Playlist:

I Still Believe is a true-life story of the journey of the Christian singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp. Everything started in 1999 at the concert of the band The Kry, where he met Melissa Henning, a fellow student of Calvary Chapel College. And after spending a lot of time together, they fell in love, which led to their marriage. After Melissa was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. During this process, Melissa gets more sick and Jeremy starts doubting his faith in God. When she dies, he goes in a path of disbelief, till he discovers a notebook of his wife telling that “suffering doesn’t damage faith, but strengthens it”. This led to his return to music and he wrote the song “I Still Believe”, which he performed live two years later. In this concert he meets Adrienne, who tells Jeremy his songs change her life.

So this movie, Jeremy´s journey, is a story about love, hope, faith and speaking through music. It shows that we should always believe that things will get better, and every person's story can help another person’s story. For Jeremy, his faith helped him go through the challenges of life, he said: “'Cause I still believe in Your faithfulness / 'Cause I still believe in Your truth / 'Cause I still believe in Your holy word / Even when I don't see, I still believe”.

It’s an emotional film, with a great soundtrack, a beautiful message, based on true events and real people and worth seeing.

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