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How to use tags on YouTube through 7 tips

Key concepts:

  • The concepts of Tags

  • 7 steps of tags usage for better positioning

In the previous articles we’ve seen how to use the keywords to generate phrases for descriptions or titles of the videos.

Tags are labels we give to the videos in order to tell the search engine what else could be found in our content. Let’s see how to use them:

  1. It is important to think as the person that searches for something as this will give you ideas for tags, so make a list of any ideas that you get.

  2. Use vidIQ (there is the free version also) that helps you see YouTube analytics, including tags. Install it as an add-on.

  3. Search for the videos that are positioned first by the topic you choose, and see what tags they use, and combine the first 203 tags each resulting video uses.

  4. Think about alternatives of searched keywords (typing mistakes, synonyms, other ways of expressing). See how often these are searched per month and if the quantity is relevant enough, add that as a tag to your video. Typing mistakes are the easiest tags we can use to redirect people to our content (in addition to the normal ones).

  5. Ask your friends and family how they would search a video connected to your topic. Use their insights as tags.

  6. Find the recommended videos connected to the first search results and use their tags. In order to be really successful, make sure you are not connected to your YouTube account, use another browser or even go through an incognito page (not to have the connection with your preferences). Search the keywords you are interested in, and from the right side check the recommended videos. See what tags they are using and so to get higher in positioning for recommended videos too.

  7. Create and use your brand tags to get recommended with similar videos.

By using tags you are giving the search engines extra help to know what you talk about and show you to the relevant searches so use it from the beginning of the video posting.

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