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How to set a strong base for your website

Key concepts:

  • Choosing the domain and hosting

  • Building up the web page

The domain represents the “name” of your website. Hosting however is what gives you complete control over the appearance of your web online.

The domain, besides the name itself, has an extension that gives you the chance to be discovered more locally (countries’ codes) or at the global level (.com, .org, .site, .pro, .win etc.). .com is perhaps the most used and known one, but there are also others that allow you to have your page domain for a very low price.

The free websites (free hosting) may be tempting in the beginning, but do not offer the same quality as a paid one. The paid ones offer you:

  • A secure connection;

  • Improved positioning;

  • Support through call centre, if you have issues;

  • Better credibility for the viewers.

The next step is having the “coding” support that allows you to build your website. Such a tool is (do not mistake it with, which is a free-hosting platform). Install the app in the web controller and work through this tool to construct your website.

With the help of WordPress, you can:

  • Choose and personalise a theme for the page;

  • Modify the header and footer;

  • Create and add sections to the main menu and submenus;

  • Add Widgets (clock, calendar, visitors counters, chat etc);

  • Have a members section (log in, manage them);

  • Have fixed pages (home, about, contact etc) and mobile ones (blog, forum);

  • Have a media section (photos, albums, music etc);

  • Have categories and labels for blog articles;

  • Manage comments on contents;

  • Install extra plugins to support the usefulness of your page.

WordPress is quite intuitive and will give you endless possibilities, both for absolute beginners (pre-defined templates, easily adjustable) and experts (coding changes). In case you are a total beginner about it, use the support of WordPress itself or search for tutorials online.

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