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How to increase your web traffic through the home page?

Key concepts:

  • Usage of keywords

  • SEO optimization of the home page

The home page is the first contact a viewer has with the page, therefore optimising it with SEO concepts is essential. It can be the point where the viewer can decide to look more through your page or exit it.

The easiest way to increase the visibility of your page organically is by using the keywords, such as:

  • Main keywords: the keywords that a reader could use to search for content similar to yours;

  • Long tail keywords: extended main keywords with additional auxiliary concepts, that strengthen the search;

  • Synonym keywords: words identically as meaning with the keywords, yet by using different words;

  • Organic Keywords: keywords identified by the search engine that we didn’t use intentionally, yet that describe our page and the search engine identifies them suitable in our positioning;

  • LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing): words that support the conceptualization of the context and help the search engine understand better what our content is about; gives clues of other words from the same semantic field of the keywords, which can help us position ourselves even better if we use them (only if suitable and relevant for the content we provide).

For the home page therefore we should take into consideration contents such as links to our various other contents (pages, texts, photos, anchors etc.) or text containing the best keywords used in a harmonic way (to sound naturally, not forced for positioning).

The Opportunity keywords are the words that the search engine starts to use when positioning your page as it takes them as relevant for the searches and traffic increment. Using the opportunity keywords as anchor text to another page of ours on the topic, can help a better positioning.

Using tools that provide access to the most searched keywords such as Ahrefs, Google Ads or Keyword Planner, we can obtain a list with the most used keywords that can support our topic, and which we can include in our text. With the support of these tools we can study what other pages use as keywords that help them get positioned.

Taking the resulting keywords, with the skills of copyrighting, you can create the text that supports the search engine with the positioning (keywords) and provides suitable content for the reader (text adaptable to reading it in detail, that designs the reader).

If we can use the main keywords, one way or another, and include them on our home page’s text, then we already give the search engine a little boat and help. It’s all about gathering different types of words that support our topic, our positioning and offers the reader valid information.


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