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How to increase your productivity through 7 methods

Key concepts

  • Importance of correct time management and usage

  • 7 methods to increase your productivity step by step

As an entrepreneur it is in your interest to use the time efficiently for the business without decreasing the quantity of time spent for personal life. You need to manage people, meetings, suppliers, budgets, the activity itself and all this in a very specific and limited amount of time.

Time is the only resource that is not regenerable and that is crucial in the business sector. There is plenty of time, yet only if you use it properly.

7 methods to increase your productivity for your business

  1. Plan - once you have clear in mind what you have to do and when, you avoid the pop up of unpleasant surprises all the time. You become more efficient, you manage the tasks daily or in a limited time and you end up knowing how much time a task takes so you eventually plan even better and manage the time more efficiently. You can plan daily, weekly, monthly and even go quarterly for longer activities.

  2. Priorities and emergencies - do first what is urgent and a priority. Minimise even eliminate the time spent on unnecessary actions. Delegate and use your team to make the tasks that would take you too much time or that don’t require your actual involvement in developing it. Every day you should solve 1-2 important tasks in the timeframe you are mostly active.

  3. Multitasking - this is just another way to say you’re doing many things bad at the same time. It’s not quite an ability as it reduces your focus and attention on each of the tasks you perform and can easily take you to burn-out. Allocate separate time and dedicate yourself completely to it by ignoring any kind of distractions you can. Better results in a faster time!

  4. Delegate - as mentioned in priorities, use your team or even collaborators to get rid of the tasks that are time consuming for you and that anyone else could do it for you. Invest that time and energy in the things that do matter. Externalise actions when you don’t have the internal capacity.

  5. Digitalise your business - use the online environment for whatever you can. Automate anything you can, save time and money through whatever resource you find suitable for your business.

  6. Personal time is relevant time - you don’t live for your business so don’t make it the place you spend your whole life in. Minding your health and personal time in order to have a balanced life and mental health. Follow your passions, hobbies, spend time with friends and socialise, learn and last, but not least, rest. Set time limits to spend for the business and charge your batteries with holidays, free days and free time.

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