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How to improve your e-marketing returns through 7 tips

Key concepts:

  • Copy-writing concepts

  • 7 copy-writing tips to improve your email marketing returns

Copy-writing is the action through which we use selected words on the chosen topic through which we don’t only inform the reader, but also call for an action.

1.The titles the email’s subject

This is the first interaction of our reader with the content and is the turning point that can make them read further or not.

The title should catch attention, intrigue, make people curious, yet at the same time, call for action. A verb of action that implies the person doing something concretely is very much required. The purpose here is to make the people open your email and start reading.

2. Catch attention

Depending of course on the type of content and topic you approach, feel free to use elements that catch attention such as:

  • Capital letters

  • Bold

  • Emojis

  • Colours

  • images

The main role here is to create/awaken an emotion in connection to the proposed topic. We want them to feel that the material is directly addressed to them, that is in their power to do something to change the situation presented. Increase the curiosity, touch the fear of its consequences, make them step in those shoes, anything that touches the emotional part before the brain kicks in.

3. Connection between the topic and chosen language

Readers should be able to understand the seriousness, or on the contrary the silliness, of what you write as information from the way you describe the situation. If you make jokes while talking about a blood donation campaign, people might just take your campaign as an entertainment action, rather than a real call to action.

4. Create the initial context and contact

Bring the reader on the same page with you (through emotions) and start with questions that help the reader identify with the information we are to provide. The context is therefore suitable for them because they can identify with what you present.

5.Words usage

The attention span has decreased tremendously in the past few years due to digitalisation. Nowadays people prefer to watch videos or listen to podcasts rather than read. Avoid large explanations or rephrase sentences that only take the reader’s time yet not provide him with new information.

All the used words must have a function (informational or psychological). Whatever is extra to make it pretty, should be taken out.

6. Strengthen your position

Enforce your given information with providing concrete persons, statistics, anything that can be checked through real facts. It must give credibility so choose carefully the sources or information you provide (must be easily verifiable).

7. Redirection

Giving steps to do or telling where to get that information in more depth is relevant and important. What to do in this case is increase the level of curiosity or even hope that their problem has a solution through the article or material towards which you want to redirect them.

The redirection should invite without having a doubt if it is suitable for them, but rather how to do it to get the problem solved, and end it with the click call.

The e-mail marketing could be used to intrigue the person on a topic that you are an expert about. It is basically used to inform about new materials you created and should definitely invite the reader to your main communication channel for more details. It is therefore important that it increases curiosity and calls to action at the same time.

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