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How to find easier and faster clients for your business?

Key concepts

  • How to raise interest in your potential clientele with AIDA

  • 8 ways to find clients for your business

The biggest challenge for start-ups, but also for evolving companies, is the increase of the clientele portfolio. While it is relevant to maintain and expand the products for the loyal clients you have, expansion comes with the growth of the network.

We’ve mentioned in a previous article that you don’t need to go looking for clients, but to make them come to you. AIDA can help you on this matter:

  • Awareness - they are aware that you exist;

  • Interest - they show interest to what you offer;

  • Desire - they express the intention to buy;

  • Action - they become your client.

While AIDA seems to put a lot of responsibility and free will on the client, it is you who has to give all these so they can follow the steps.

Let’s see then what are the 8 ways you can reach new clients for your business and make them come to you:

  1. Affiliated marketing - contact people (bloggers, specialists, influencers, experts) that can promote you in their network, in exchange for a financial gain or benefits;

  2. Social media presence and ads - with or without ads, by using the specific type of contents for each platform you want to be on, you can easily get to new audiences.

  3. Social network groups - LinkedIn and Facebook offer these features and give you the possibility to be part of groups of a shared interest, where you are likely to find clients or partners for your business. Comment, post articles, make yourself known.

  1. Blogs - use the blogs to create a connection with the visitors; you should have a blog for your page, yet if you manage to get to be published through collaborators, that can increase your reach of audiences that weren’t following you before.

  2. Podcasts, Videocasts - the digital era allows you to be present in much more communities and through different channels. Get a YouTube or SoundCloud account and post your contents there. Being present on various types of platforms can give you the possibility to reach audiences with the same interest as topic, yet different as types of contents.

  3. Work on your brand - if you create a strong image and increase its awareness among targeted groups, you are likely to be easier recognized and even searched for.

  4. Educate yourself - participate in courses, conferences, webinars, follow tutorials, anything that can increase your knowledge in the field. Besides the information you get, you also can work on the networking of potential collaborators that can support you further with the clients or content.

  5. Networking - find any kind of way and occasion to attend events (on topics of interest) where to be able to interact with others. Have handy business cards and materials easy to distribute to people. You may not always hand them to persons that you can count on on the spot, yet eventually they might use your card or pass the information to someone they know and are interested in services similar to yours. Expand your network for both clients and collaborators.

All these methods are to be used frequently and constantly and most likely are to give results in time so don’t abandon them on the way. While increasing your value and that of the materials you offer you will attract more clients too.


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