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How to attract subscribers on YouTube in 5 steps

Key concepts:

  • 5 steps to increase traffic on YouTube

  • How to convert viewers into followers

We will start from the premise that you already have uploaded videos on your account and your channel is not a new one (you have views, you have followers).

1. Advanced Analytics Panel

Go to YouTube Studio and then to Analytics (left panel). On the right side up you’ll see Advanced mode and there we have what interests us.

2. Adding data about current followers

Right below the graphics, there is the section with what videos you have and some of its statistics. In between the video column and the next one, there is a blue “+” button. Click on it, go to Interactions and Subscribers gained, so now you have a new column appeared.

The new list of videos will be ordered now depending on which brought more followers, in the given time, usually the last 28 days.

3. Change the filters

In the right corner up we have therefore the last 28 days. We will change this to the last month that already ended (as we’re in January now, we put December).

4. Identify the helpful videos

We need to identify the videos with the last number of views, but which brought us the highest number of new subscribers.

In the table you will see the list of videos, the gained subscribers (as high as possible) and the views (as low as possible). Check all the videos that are in this situation.

Bear in mind also the videos that quite contrary, have many views but less subscribers gained. This will help in the next step.

5. Redirect the viewers

We need to redirect the people from the videos with lots of views to the videos giving lots of subscribers. How can we do that? We have various options such as End screen, Cards, Comments or Description.

Go to the Details of the video with many views. From here we’ll do the following steps:

  • End Screen

On the right side, you have the End screen. Here you can add an +Element (video) and opt for Choose specific video. Now you’ll have all the videos you have posted so choose (search) the one with the most subscribers identified in step 4. Arrange it on the screen and of course, save your actions.

  • Cards

Under the End screen in the Details section, there is the Cards option. Open it and select wherever you want in the video your card to appear. Add +Card, select Video, choose the video with more subscribers, and save.

  • Comments

You can leave a comment on your own video (with the many views) to make the connection/invitation to the other video (with more subscribers) and of course, put the link to it. Mark the comment as fixed on your page so everyone who enters will see first this comment before the others.

  • Video description

Likewise with the comment, you can put the same text and link in the description of the current video (the one with more views).

The steps presented here are based on using the most viewed videos (that we have the confirmation they attract viewers) in order to gain more subscribers, through the videos that bring us that conversion.

You can do this every month, as in time the statistics can change and point out other videos too.

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