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How to attract followers on Instagram with hashtags in 5 steps

Key concepts:

  • What are hashtags

  • 5 steps to get more followers

Hashtags are keywords, with no space in between them, with the symbol of # before them all. For example, #SoundBeatsTime is our project’s hashtag and by following it, it will give you all the posts that use it, on various social networks.

We’ll get right into it with no further introductions:

1. Best place to use hashtags

Using hashtags in the description of your posts can help people that don’t know about you yet, find out about you through the latest posts resulting from having searched for keywords Therefore, our hashtags).

2. How many hashtags to use

A study shows that using 5-9 hashtags is the optimal choice to help you get more visible. Having more or less doesn’t affect the post though.

3. What hashtags to use

Go to the Search bar and write what topics you are interested in. Select the Tags section to find out the most searched hashtags connected to what you searched. You can use a selection of these in your description.

Where else can we find hashtags connected to our topic? Precisely in that hashtag we searched for. Check a few of the posts and see what hashtags they used. Even more, look for synonyms or think of similar keywords.

Select only the hashtags that talk about your topic. Don’t add extra “just to have it” and because they have thousands of searches.

4. Where to place the hashtags

The description is the place to have them, yet don’t place them directly in its beginning. Have a regular text that can cover 3-4 rows and then place the hashtags at the end. Avoid having them clicked by mistake when scrolling through. Keep the viewer on your post!

5. What area you target with the posts

In the details of your post, make sure you put the geo-location as well, as this will increase the visibility of your post to the targeted area and so it gives you more chances to appear on their screen.

Using these simple 5 steps can get you the starting boost. Try them!


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