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History, biodiversity, volunteering and music

The beginning of April brought us to multiplying even further the project and what we do in SoundBeatsTime.

120 high school pupils and teachers from the National College Mihai Eminsecu Baia Mare, joined us between 3-5 April at Butchers' Bastion Baia Mare, during the "4/4 for Friends" programme of the American Council in Romania. The US celebrates the month of volunteering in April, and so the programme emphasizes the celebration of the national values of volunteering.

For this year, the Butchers' Bastion and the Maramures County History and Archaeology Museum decided to join the call and invited us, together with Team for Youth Association to talk to the participants about our current projects and volunteering opportunities.

We took advantage of this opportunity to tell the youngsters and teachers about our past projects and initiatives, about SoundBeatsTime project and the platform with our 4 MOOCs (music and basic editing, online promotion, entrepreneurship and creative entrepreneurship), and our guide on methods to work online with youth.

More than that, we presented various volunteering opportunities, and connected to our project, we told them about the volunteering opportunities of this year at various music festivals all around Romania, pointing out the advantages and criteria, usual available departments, where to find the information and how to subscribe.

All in all, we were pleased to see we raised interest among the participating youth regarding our project's initiative and volunteering in music festivals.

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