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Having a business with an impact

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

It is rather common to start a business with the idea in mind to do good and have an impact among the clients we want, regardless the field of action.

Starting from project writing and management, we'd like to propose a working method that can easily be adopted and used in creating a business model with an impact. How? Using the problem-solution tree:

Think about the problem that you want to address (why do you want to start the business?)

  • What are it's direct effects?

  • What happens if the problem persists to happen? (indirect effects)

  • What does it cause directly?

  • What are the causes that make this problem appear? (indirect causes)

After you have written down all your ideas, let's turn them into the source of our solutions.

  • Your problem or need identified becomes your solution or purpose

  • the direct effects become the results you could obtain

  • the indirect effects become the impact you could bring

  • the direct causes become your objectives and directions to work on

  • the indirect causes become your activities or the direct little steps you do to accomplish the objectives

How do we write our objectives to be easy to measure? There are 2 ways: the SMART way or the CHANGE:


  • specific

  • measurable

  • achievable

  • realistic

  • time framed


  • the direction of the change wanted

  • the target group aimed for changing

  • the area or field in which the change is being done

  • in how much time

Might be looking very into management aspects, yet it can help you clarify your path in entrepreneurship with a purpose that suits you the best. Good luck!

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