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Have you got the blues?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

It happens to all of us from time to time, right? but what’s to do about it?

There are moments when we find ourselves a bit down the water, we feel our hearts crushed or maybe we even come to feel emotionally numb. It’s always hard to pick yourself up and move on with whatever made you feel that way in the first place.

Outside it’s raining, the sky turns into dark blue, clouds make it seem like the sun’s been drown into a void, and all of a sudden, the cold gets into your bones, and you just sit there, in between being and nonbeing, absorbing all the blue that the nature sends to you and you start feeling somehow grateful for the fact that something in this vast universe seems to understand your mood. Then a lightbulb appears. You get back on your feet, go to your player, put the saddest song on playing and start dancing slowly around your solitude, while letting yourself fall into the melancholy chords of the instrumentals in the background or murmuring the verses that seem to have been written exactly for you. We’ve all done it, honestly.

Music – such a magnificent place to let yourself fall into. It’s always there for you, understanding even your most hidden feelings.

Music has been proven to have such an effect on our moods, that it has been integrated in therapy as a method for reducing stress and anxiety, ameliorating depression, or building self-esteem. We encourage you to check more about this type of therapy here

Also, Alain de Botton has a short, but impacting video on explaining why music is so important to us as creatures, you can see it here:

But if you’re feeling blue right now and inside you it’s raining, make sure to check out Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue (, Erik Stie’s Gymnopedies & Gnossiennes ( or Pink Floyd’s Dark side of the Moon (

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