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Hashtags and Their Functions

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Social media and its particularities can be overwhelming at the start. Especially if you’re not used to composing posts and the internet slang, you might feel even more discouraged to even begin and try. Don’t be - once you’re more familiar, the more efficient your posts will be and the more confident you will feel about your social media skills.

The language we find on the internet differs from the way we speak in our daily lives and even from texts we write. Especially on social media, a characteristic element are hashtags. So far many people have developed a sense for how to use them, but few actually know their purpose, though it’s simpler than you might think. Hashtags are markers that give information on the topic of the post. They facilitate searching for specific content and aid filtering all the irrelevant posts. Therefore, if you want to help your audience find your content more easily, hashtags are a great aid for that.

There are also some other ways on how hashtags can be used though. In the past years, hashtags were frequently used in online activism to draw attention to movements and protests. For businesses and content creators, it’s also a way of connecting their customers and audience. Especially during online challenges, using the same hashtag helps to distinguish who’s part of it and the frequent usage will draw attention to it.

In social media marketing, hashtags have become essential tools for reaching target groups. Having a basic understanding of them will help grow your online brand and distribute your content.

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