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Financing sources for businesses

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

When wanting to start a business sooner or later we will end up with questions about the finances. From where to get the starting money? Who can support me with the various resources I need? What can be my starting budget and how to get it?

Let's see a non-exhausted list of ideas from where we could get the resources to start our business:

  • Own resources or borrowing from friends and family

  • Bank or other types of credits

  • Issue of shares or bond issues

  • Risk capital financing

  • Leasing

  • Special financing programmes

Grants and special funds (EU funding opportunities)
  • Horizon 2020

  • Start-up grants

  • European Fund for Strategic Investments

  • Development and cooperation programmes

  • European Agriculture Guarantee Fund

  • European Structural Funds

  • EuropeAid

  • Life

  • Cohesion Funds

  • Cosme

  • European Regional Development Fund

  • European Maritime and Fisheries Fund

  • Creative Europe

  • Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI)

Additional funds that can help you get experience and competences usable in a business
  • Young entrepreneur

  • Erasmus+

  • European Solidarity Corps

  • EUaid Volunteering

  • Interreg Volunteering Youth

Start from getting familiar with the funds open for the domain of work you want and get in contact with the entity managing the fund nationally or internationally. Ask them questions to make sure that the fund is suitable for your business.

Don't fall in the trap to change your business in accordance to the financing available, but find the finanancind aid in accordance to your business!

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