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Eurovision 2022: Spain - Chanel

Music: SloMo


“El mundo está loco con este party

Si tengo un problema, no es monetary

Yo vuelvo loquito‘ a todos los daddies

Yo siempre primera, nunca secondary”

Chanel Terrero Martínez, better known as simply as Chanel, is a Cuban-Spanish singer, dancer and actress. She was born in Havana, but with only three years old she moved to Barcelona with her mother. She started her career really early, at seven years old she entered at the Royal Academy of Dance where she learn dance, tap and act. Afterwards, Chanel decided to pursue her love for music theater. During the upcoming years, the artist participated as a back-dancer in numerous videos, talk-show performances and TV programs, like “Waka Waka”, or Tu Cara me Suena, or “Another Day of Sun (Spanish version).

Since 2010, when her first opportunity for a professional gig in music theater appear with “Mamma Mia!” tour, she has been in many other productions. Nine years later she finally got her first leading role in an adaptation of “Flashdance”, and after that the lead in the production of “Bodyguard”. Besides all of this, Chanel also appeared in many on-screen productions, like “Swashbuckling”, “El Rey de la Habana”, “I, Family”, “Cupido” and in the soap opera “El Secreto de Puente Viejo”.

In 2022, she competed in Benidorm Fest with her single “SloMo” and a choreography by Kyle Hanagami, which led her to win and, therefore, representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Link of the Eurovision Song :

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