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Eurovision 2022: Switzerland - Marius Bear

Music: Boys Do Cry


“Hearts they get broken, God only knows why,

And sometimes aeroplanes, fall down from the sky,

And mountains they crumble, and rivers they run dry,

And oh, boys do cry”

Marius Hügli is a Swiss singer, most known professional as Marius Bear. His career started in 2016 when he gave up the idea to become a construction machinery mechanic and decided to tour the streets of Switzerland and Germany performing. This led him to get more recognition, including a famous producer that brought him to New York, where he became part of the Swiss artist scene. In 2017, the artist went to study music production at BIMM Institute of London in United Kingdom.

One year later, he released his first EP called Sanity, and in 2019 his first album Not Loud Enough, that enter the Top 20 of Swiss Album Charts. After some singles and a prize in the category of “Best Talent” in Swiss Music Awards, Marius Bear debuted his second album - Boys do Cry. The album reached number five on Swiss Album Charts and the single “Boys do Cry” was chosen to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Link of the Eurovision Song :

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