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Eurovision 2022: Slovenia - LPS

Music: Disko


“Ne bo te več in gledam te, ko brez mene z drugim stran odhajaš.

Hočem te, a ti drugemu srce oddajaš.

Pleševa, ampak to je le v mojih sanjah.

Ne, ne bo te nazaj.”

Filip Vidušin (Vocals) | Gašper Hlupič (Drums)| Mark Semeja (Electric Guitar) | Zala Velenšek (Bass Guitar/Tenor/Alto/Saxophone) | Žiga Žvižej (Electric Keyboard)

LPS is the acronym for Last Pizza Slide, a Slovenian band that was formed in 2018 in a music room of the Grammar School Celje-Center. The members are Filip Vidušin (Vocals), Gašper Hlupič (Drums), Mark Semeja (Electric Guitar), Zala Velenšek (Bass Guitar/Teno/ Alto/Saxophone), and Žiga Žvižej (Electric Keyboard). They started performing in a big number of different festivals and concerts in Slovenia. In 2021, they entered in EMA Freš 2022 and won, which gave them the chance to participate in one of the semifinals of EMA, the Eurovision’s selection show. They passed the semifinals and got first place in the final, winning the competition.

Therefore, the band will represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, with the song “Disko”. Besides this single, LPS also released “Silence in my head”.

Link of the Eurovision Song :

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