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Eurovision 2022: Serbia - Konstrakta

Music: In Corpore Sano


“Animus tristis in corpore sano

Mens desperata in corpore sano

Mens conterrita in corpore sano

I šta ćemo sad?”

Ana Đurić, professionally known as Konstrakta is a Serbian singer and songwriter and also a graduate from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade. Her first steps in the world of music were in a band called Zemlja gruva!, where she was the lead-singer. The band released three studio albums: WTF Is Gruveland?, in 2010; Dino u Zemlji, in 2013; and Šta stvarno želiš?, 2016. They also participated in Beovizija music festival twice, first in 2008 with “Čudesni svetovi”, and in 2009 with “Svejedno mi je”.

In 2019, Konstrakta started her solo career by releasing the single "Žvake". Three years later, she debuted a project called Triptih, a twelve minute music video with three songs: “Nobl”, “In Corpore Sano” and “Mekano”. The video retracts modern-day life in Serbia in different ways and with some criticisms.

“In Corpore Sano” was chosen to compete in the National Selection Festival, and although the artist was not very known, her popularity grew fast. In the final she won both the jury and public votes, therefore winning the festival and the opportunity to represent Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

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