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Eurovision 2022: Romania - WRS

Music: Llámame


“Knew that I was different than the others

They never liked you

Try to keep my head above the water

But you're makin' it so hard to”

Andrei Ionuț Ursu, professionally known as WRS, is a dancer and singer from Romania. At the age of twelve years old he started his dancing career, in which he worked as a backup dancer in TV shows and for other artists. In 2015 he entered the boy band SHOT, which gave him the kick-start of his musical career. Two years later, the artist left the project and moved to London where he improved his music skills, including songwriting.

In 2020, WRS signed a solo contract with Global Records and debuted singles, like "Amore" and "Tsunami", both achieving great success on the radios in Romania and Bulgaria, this led him to receive two nominations for the Artist Awards. Alongside his music, the artist also creates his own music videos and artwork.

WRS also participated in Selecția Națională 2022, where he presented the new single “Llámame”. He won the competition and, consequently, became the representative of Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

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