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Eurovision 2022: North Macedonia - Andrea

Music: Circles


“Tell me is this our last temptation

Can we even fix this situation

Do I listen to my heart or mind cause

We run around, run around in circles”

Andrea Koevska, known as Andrea, was born in North Macedonia, but moved to Harlem in New York when she was five years old, where she got introduced to different genres of music that still influence her nowadays. When she moved back, she entered Skopje’s Faculty of Music Arts, where she developed her skills of songwriting, and playing the piano and guitar. The artist started by posting short music covers online and was discovered by music producer Aleksandar Masevski. In 2020, Andrea debuted the single “I know”, which received great recognition nationally, but also internationally. They kept releasing singles, including “Talk to me”, which in the video clip the basketball player Amir Smith and dancers from Beatrix Dance Studio in Skopje were included.

Her recognition goes beyond North Macedonia, and that made her a music ambassador of the country for the rest of the world. The artist is broadcast on radio stations across Europe, North America,and even in Asia and Africa. Two curious facts are that Andrea has been a practitioner of the martial art of Muay Thai, which helps her improve the self-discipline that also music requires, and also she has a big love in her life, called Moe, a schnauzer mix dog. That is the main protagonist of her social media.

In 2022, she won the Za Evrosong 2022, that gave her the chance to represent North Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, with the song “Circles”

Link of the Eurovision Song :

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