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Eurovision 2022: Netherlands - S10

Music: De Diepte


“Ken je het gevoel dat, dat je droom niet uitkomt

Ben je wel eens bang dat het altijd zo blijft

Want het regent alle dagen en ik zie geen hand voor ogen

Jij en ik toch samen, dat zou altijd zo zijn”

Stien Den Hollander, known as S10 is a singer, rapper and songwriter from the Netherlands. After finishing secondary school, in 2018, the artist studied at the Herman Brood Academie. At only 16, she self-released a mini-album called Antipsychotica, which gave her recognition and opened the way for signing with the record label Noah’s Ark. So in 2017, she published a second mini-album: Lithium. Both of the albums show her struggle with her mental health issues.

Two years later, S10 debuted the album Snowsniper, which received an Edison Award, and in 2020, the album Viiders, which reached Dutch Album Top 100 and was nominated for an Edison Award. She also released some collaborations and singles, such as “Adem je in”, which was a big hit.

In 2021, it was announced on a Dutch broadcaster that the artist will be representing the country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, and in March of the next year she released “De Diepte”, as the chosen song for the competition.

Link of the Eurovision Song :

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