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Eurovision 2022: Montenegro - Vladana

Music: Breathe


“You better breathe

The air is what they need

Air is what they breathe

They‘ll die without it”

Vladana Vučinić, better known as Vladana is a Montenegrin singer and songwriter. The music was always present in her life, since her grandfather was the Head of the Association of Stage Artists of Macedonia and manager of the Magnifico ensemble. Besides her degree in journalism, she also has a primary and secondary education in music theory and opera singing. In 2003 she participated in a television karaoke show, and released her first single. Two years later, Vladana tried to enter in the Evropesma-Europjesma contest with the song "Samo moj nikad njen", but in 2006, she made it in with "Željna", a duet with Nenezić. The singer published her first video-clip of the song “Kao miris kokosa” in 2007, which was the most-aired video in Montenegro.

In 2010 she released an English album - Sinner City, that followed her first English single called “Bad Girls Need Love Too”. Besides her career in music, Vladana also created an online fashion magazine - Chiwelook, which writes about fashion designers from Montenegro, and where she wrote columns and made interviews to different people in the fields of fashion, music, culture and politics.

With the song “Breathe”, the artist will represent her country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, in Turin.

Link of the Eurovision Song :

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