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Eurovision 2022: Moldova - Zdob şi Zdub & Fraţii Advahov

Music: Trenulețul


“Când ajunge trenu-n gară,

Parcă n-a ieșit din țară,

Parcă-a mers, fără să iasă,

De acasă pân-acasă.”

Zdob şi Zdub

Roman Iagupov | Mihail Gincu | Sveatoslav Starus | Andrei Cebotari

Zdob și Zdub, which means “Hit the Drum”, is a Moldovan folk-punk band that started in 1994 in Chișinău, with the participation in the “Learn To Swim I” festival in Moscow. Two years later, the band participated in the second edition of the festival, and end up recording two songs: “V Dome Moiom” and “Hardcore Moldovenesc”, the last one a big hit, that became the hymn of alternative youth in Moldova. With this recognition, they released the first album: Hardcore Moldovenesc, in 1997. The next year, they started preparing the following album, called Tabăra Noastră, which led to their first clip. The following years the band participated in a big number of festivals, collaborated with other artists, performed concerts in many different countries, and published their albums - Agroromantica, in 2001; 450 Sheep, in 2003; Ethnomecanica, in 2006; Basta Mafia!, in 2012; and Bestiarium, in 2019.

Besides the concerts, festivals, tours and prizes they won during these years, the band also represented Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 with “Boonika Bate Toba'', which gave them the 6th place in the final. And six years later, the band performed “So Lucky” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, and got the 12th place in the final.

Vitalie Advahov | Vasile Advahov

Frații Advahov (which means Brothers Advahov) is a Moldova folk band, founded in 2005, based in Chișinău. It’s composed by the two brothers, Vitalie and Vasile. That since an earlier age gave their first steps in the music field, they were part of Mugurașii, an orchestral group from their High School - Ciprian Porumbescu. It started as a small group, but due the big popularity and recognition they got, different Moldavian and Romanian musicians joined and now the brothers have formed their own orchestra with forty-five instrumentalists.

Now, in 2022, Zdob și Zdub & Frații Advahov, together will represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, with the song called “Trenulețul”. Also, some rumors say they will release a full album together.

Link of the Eurovision Song :

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