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Eurovision 2022: Lithuania - Monika Liu

Music: Sentimentai


“Sukasi ratu galvoje momentai

Bėga bėga ten,

kur ir Tu Milijonas rožių lyg sentimentai

Skęsta jūroje debesų”

Monika Liubinaitė gave her first steps in the world of the arts at the age of three when she started dancing ballet, two years later playing violin and at fifteen she began competing in singing competitions, such as Mažųjų žvaigždžių, Dainų dainelė, Mažųjų žvaigždžių ringas and others. In 2006, she co-founded the Lithuanian hip-hop group 8’as Marsrutas, that released their album, and won best debut in Lithuanian Hip-hop awards 2007. In the next few years, she participated in different projects, like the release of the songs “What if” and “Ne Vakar”.

Monika was also studying in the Jazz Department of Klaipėda University, where she was part of the Jazz Ensemble and participated in some international competitions and activities. The Summer intensive in Perugia, was one of these activities and led her to an audition and, consequently, to a scholarship for Berkley University, in Boston. After three semesters she decided to leave and move to London.

In 2014, Monika debuted “Journey to the moon”, and participated in Auksinis Balsas, a singing program. The next year, she released her solo EP - What if. And with this return to the spotlight. Some years later, in 2019, another released, this time her first full-length album - Lünatik, recorded between New York and London, accompanied by avant-garde music videos. In 2020 she published a 4-song vinyl EP - Melodija, which included the top music charts “Vaikinai trumpais šortais”.

Now, in 2022, she will be the representative of Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song called “Sentimentai”.

Link of the Eurovision Song:

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