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EUROVISION 2022: Latvia - Citi Zēni

Music: Eat Your Salad


“The karma comes for free and so does luck

All aboard the green Titanic

Let‘s sail the world and then cruise the Atlantic

No ice in the way, no need to panic”

Jānis Pētersons (Vocals) | Toms Kagainis (Drums) | Roberts Memmēns (Bass/Vocals) | Reinis Višķeris (Keyboards) | Dagnis Roziņš (Vocals/Saxophone) | Krišjānis Ozols (Guitar)

In 2009, five school friends wanted to improve their music skills, so they created ‘The Citizens’ band. They play some gigs around Riga, record some singles and in 2012 they released an EP, Truth. The Citizens also enter in different competitions and music contests. They debut, in 2015, another album called Concrete Dreams, and start getting more recognition, but after their activity decreased only with some performances. In 2019, they reemerged with fewer elements, an update name, ‘The Citizens LV’ and released their comeback single: “Skatos Uz Tevi”.

The band met Roberts and Dagnis in a songwriter camp outside of Riga, in 2020, started singing and playing together and soon they were new members of the band. It was the birth of Citi Zēni. In the same year they debuted their first single, “Vienmēr Kavēju”, which was followed for some others, and finally in 2021 they published the album: Suņi Iziet Ielās.

The next year the band participated on Supernova 2022, where they presented their new single called “Eat Your Salad”, which gave them the first place and the role of representing Latvia on Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Link of the Eurovision Song :

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