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Eurovision 2022: Israel - Michael Ben David

Music: I.M


“Baby, sometimes life can bring you down

But I remember to always keep my head up

‘Cause no one brings me down

I‘m gonna take the crown”

Michael Ben David is a singer from Israel. First, he started studying music by himself and later began taking voice lessons and studying dance with Oz Morag. Michael had to complete his mandatory military service but after he return to work on his dancing and music career, he attended BeitZvi School of Performing Arts and graduated in 2020. Alongside, he kept performing in some musicals, plays, and school-wide competitions.

In 2021, Michael got a lot of recognition after he auditioned for The X Factor Israel, which he won. Also, he presented, in the final, his first single “I.M”. This competition was used to select the artist who was going to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. So, Michael Ben David will be in Turin competing for Israel.

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