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Eurovision 2022: Greece - Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord

Music: Die Together



“Are you having a good time

Doesn't seem like you‘re all fine

We don‘t laugh anymore

And when we cry we do it on our own

It‘s been a lovely year for us”

Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord is a Greek-Norwegian singer and songwriter. Although she was born in Greece and lived there her first years, she moved with her family to Norway. While she was studying in Fagerlia Videregående Skole she met the singer Sigrid, with whom she collaborated. In 2014, Amanda released her single “Run”, which won the Music Prize and appeared in an advertisement. Since then, she debuted “I need Lions” (2016), “First Impression” (2018), “The Floor is Lava” (2019), “As if” (2020), “Miss the Way You Missed Me” (2021), and some others.

Alongside this, the artist also participated in a TV music competition - The Stream, a programme on the radio - NRK 3, performed in Trondheim Calling, a music festival, and toured with the band Highasakite. Also in 2019, Amanda won the Haram Municipality Youth Culture Prize. Despite being an acclaimed international singer and songwriter, she’s also studying medicine and has been working with COVID-19 patients.

In 2021, she was the artist chosen to represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, so Amanda will be in Turin with her latest release “Die Together”.

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