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Eurovision 2022: Germany - Malik Harris

Music: Rockstars


“Always thinking ‘bout my own worries

Remember back when we had no worries?

Now life just ain‘t hitting the same

I sit and miss and reminisce about innocent old days”

Malik Harris is a German-American singer. Growing up in a music and artistic family, where the grandfather was a nationally famous singer, the grandmother a pianist and his father is an American television presenter and actor, Malik started his career earlier. At only thirteen years old he started making covers with his guitar. He kept perfecting his skills and later specialized in piano and electric drums.

After releasing some of his songs online, Malik was contacted, in 2019, by Universal Music Germany and released his first EP Like That Again and some singles, like “Welcome to the Rumble” (2019), “Crawling” (2020), “When We’ve Arrived” (2020), “Dance” (2021), or “Time for Wonder” (2021). Also, in 2021, the artist debuted his first album Anonymous Colonist.

In 2022, Malik entered in the contest Germany 12 Points, he was one of the six acts chosen to pass to the final and then, after counting the public votes, he won the competition and earned the chance to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, with the song “Rockstars”.

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