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Eurovision 2022: Georgia - Circus Mircus

Music: Lock me in



“Across the moon and down

We are here till we blow up

Trying hard will not get you really far

Mix it up now”

Damocles Stavriadis | Igor Von Lichtenstein | Bavonc Gevorkyan | Iago Waitman

Circus Mircus is a progressive rock band formed in 2020 in Tbilisi, capital of Georgia. The band is composed by former circus workers that weren’t good enough for that job, so after becoming friends and leaving the academy they decided to start the Circus Mircus. The members chose to remain anonymous, so they act disguised and their names are pseudonyms. Playing experimental music through a mix of a number of genres their songs are inspired by the “inner world” of each member.

In the same year the band released their first EP Circus Mircus and, since then have been debuting singles, such as “The Ode to the Bishkek Stone”, “Semi-Pro”, “Better Late”, “Weather Support”, “Rocha”, “23:34” and “Musicien”.

The last single was “Lock Me In” and will be the song that will represent Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, since in November 2021 they were internally selected by Georgian Public Broadcasting.

Link of the Eurovision Song :

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