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Eurovision 2022: France - Alvan & Ahez

Music: Fulenn


“Trid‘ a ra ar c‘hoad ouzh stok‘ ar fulenn a-bilpaz

He hud dudius a bign betek penn ar gwez bras

Oc‘h ober fae deus ar fall loened e tañsan

Me bak an tan en o lagad leun a droukc‘hoant”


29 years old, Lorient


Alvan Morvan-Rosius, or simply Alvan, is a French musician. Since very young he knew his passion was music, so in 2011 he started producing music and after four years the artist decided to leave his career in the health sector to fully dedicate himself to singing and playing music. In 2016 he signed a contract with Elektra and have been releasing singles since then, like “Dame de cœur” (2016), “Pure” (2016), “Amazone” (2017), “Damiana” with Velvet (2018), “Indolove” with Keybeaux (2019), “Anything” (2021), and some others. His growth and recognition in the music world is still rising.


Marine Lavigne | Sterenn Diridollou | Sterenn Le Guillou

Ahez is a French traditional vocal group, composed by three women: Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Diridollou and Sterenn Le Guillou. Formed in 2018, with the main goal to showcase their regional heritage, the group write and sing in the band’s native language - Breton. They started by performing at the Fest-Noz Festival and took part in the Inter-Celtic Festival of Lorient with the band Eben.

In 2021, Ahez met Alvan in a bar in Rennes, and after that encounter they decided to collaborate and participate in Eurovision France, C’est Vous Qui Décidez! 2022. With the song “Fulenn”, they won the vote from the jury and the public, consequently winning the right to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. This will be the second time France will compete with a song in the Breton language (first time in 1996).

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