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Eurovision 2022: Finland - The Rasmus

Music: Jezebel


“Midnight it‘s time to put your face on

Game set a killer shark in heels

I‘m just the first shot on your hit list

High kicks a predator on wheels”

The Rasmus is a rock band from Finland that was formed in 1994. With former members like Jarno Lathi, Janne Heiskanen and Pauli Rantasalmi, now it’s composed by Lauri Ylönen (vocals), Aki Hakala (drums), Emppu Suhonen (guitar) and Eero Heinonen (bass). Since 1996 the band has been releasing many success albums, such as “Peep” (1996), “Hell of a Tester” (1998), “ Hide from the sun” (2005), “The Rasmus” (2012), and “Dead Letters - Fan Edition” (2019). Also in 2003 they started touring around the world, for example, Dead Letters Tour (2003) in twenty-nine countries, or Hide from the Sun Tour (2005) between thirty-six countries, or Dead Letters Anniversary Tour (2019) in eighteen countries.

With many awards not only in Finland, but also internationally. One of the band’s biggest hits is “In the Shadows”, which recently passed 100 million streaming on the platform Spotify, although the debut of this song was before this platform even existed. Showing that even after almost thirty years, The Rasmus are one of Finland’s most successful groups.

In 2022, after all their tours were canceled because of the pandemic, they decided to do something different and participate at the Finish National Selection. With the song “Jezebel” they won the competition and The Rasmus gained the opportunity to represent the country at Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

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