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Eurovision 2022: Estonia - Stefan

Music: Hope


“The future still remains our own

We‘re taught that we were born to lose

But why why why

Don‘t waste your breath, it‘s time to choose”

Stefan Airapetjan, also known as Stefan, is an Estonian singer and songwriter. Born in Armenia, he moved to Estonia with his parents. He began his career pretty earlier, starting with his vocal coach, Hedi-Kai Pai, and by participating, and sometimes winning, in some contests, like Laulukarussell, in which he got into the final.

Also, between 2019 and 2022, he participated four times in Eesti Laul. First, as a duo, called Vajé and with the song "Laura (Walk with Me)", they got third place. The second time, as a solo artist, with the song “Without you”, and again finished in third place. In 2020, for the third time and with the song “By my side”, Stefan got the seventh position. Finally in 2022, with the song “Hope”, the artist won and was automatically selected to represent Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Alongside all these contests, Airapetjan participated in the first edition of The Masked Singer as Aries, he was crowned the winner, and after this was also considered the country’s Sexiest Man of the Year by the magazine Kroonika.

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