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Eurovision 2022: Denmark - Reddi

Music: The Show


“This is all me

And I will never let it go

I will keep up with the show

And I will never let it go”

REDDI is a Danish-Swedish band. Composed by: Mathilde "Siggy" Savery, on vocals, also plays the piano and the guitar; Agnes Roslund, on the guitar; Ida Bergkvist, on the bass; and Ihan Haydar, on the drums. The all female band genre is a mix of pop punk rock, showing the passion for all kinds of music. They got together in 2021 with the main goal to participate at the Melodi Grand Prix 2022 and show that, even though there aren’t many female bands in Denmark, it’s possible to achieve success.

So, with their first release “The Show”, the band competed at the Denmark festival, and in the end, it was chosen to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, in Turin. When asked about the message of their song, they said it’s about not letting nothing stop you from fighting for your dreams, and showing that women can do everything on their own.

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