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Eurovision 2022: Croatia - Mia Dimšić

Music: Guilty Pleasure


“I‘m with him and you‘re a secret treasure

He‘s devotion, you‘re a guilty pleasure

I‘m with him and this is real life, honey

Guess the joke‘s no longer funny”

Mia Dimšić is a Croatian singer and songwriter. In 2014 she received an invitation to accompany Džentlmeni on their tour in the USA and Canada. One year later she released her first single, "Budi mi blizu", some songs later, in 2017 Mia debuted with her first album Život nije siv, which reached number one album in the Croatian Album Charts, certified platinum and won the award for “Album of the Year”.

Still in 2017, the artist published the Christmas album “Božićno jutro”, which won the award for “Spiritual Album”. Mia also released the singles “Ovaj Grad”, “Cesta Do Sna” and “Sva Blaga Ovog Svijeta” in collaboration with Marko Tolja, the last one reaching the number one position in Croatian charts. Mia plays multiple instruments, but in most of her performances, she uses a Gibson Hummingbird.

In 2022, with the song “Guilty Pleasure”, she participated at the Dora 2022, where she won the competition and the opportunity to represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, in Turin.

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