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Eurovision 2022: Bulgaria - Intelligent Music Project

Music: Intention


“The more freedom I gain

The less real life I‘m recalling.

And in time I‘ve always known

I‘m never in the safety zone”

Intelligent Music Project is a Bulgarian-Chilean progressive rock supergroup formed in 2012, and was founded by Milen Vrabevski. With the concept is gathering in a group musicians with vast experience of performing on stage. Their first album, called The Power of Mind, was released in the same year and have since then releasing albums, such as My Kind o’ Lovin’ (2014), Touching the Divine (2015), Sorcery Inside (2018), Life Motion (2020) and the Creation (2021), but also some singles, like “Every Time”, “I know”, “Listen” and “Sometimes & Yesterdays That Mattered”.

As they have an open-door policy for other talented musicians, they worked with many artists so the group has many well-known former members, like Simon Phillips, John Payne, Todd Sucherman, among others. Right now it’s composed by: Ronnie Romero (vocalist), Bisser Ivanov (guitar), Slavin Slavcev (backing vocals), Ivo Stefanov (keyboard), Dimitar Sirakov (bass) and Stoyan Yankulov (drums).

In 2021, it was announced that the group was selected to represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Later they released “Intention”, the chosen song for the festival.

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