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EUROSIVION 2022: Italy - Mahmood & BLANCO

Music: Brividi


“Nudo con i brividi

a volte non so esprimermi

e ti vorrei amare, ma sbaglio sempre

e mi vengono i brividi, brividi, brividi.”


29 years old, Milano

Alessandro Mahmood. In 2012, he started his career as a participant in the sixth edition of X-Factor. Three years later, Mahmood won the Area Sanremo contest, which gave him access to the “Nuove Proposte” selection of Sanremo Festival 2016. The next year, he released a single called “Pesos” and started collaborating with other artists. His first EP was released in 2018, Gioventù bruciata, and in the same year, Mahmood participated in Sanremo Giovani, which he won and gain access to the Sanremo Festival 2019. With the song “Soldi” he represented Italy in Eurovision Song Contest 2019 and finished second place. In 2021 he released his second album, Ghettolimpo.


19 years old, Brescia - Lombardia

Ricardo Fabbriconi, professionaly known as BLANCO, ’s an Italian singer and a rapper. In 2020, he launched “Belladonna (Adieu)” and “Notti in bianco”, the second one became a sleeper-hit in summer. He gain a lot of recognition when he released, in 2021, the singles “La canzone nostra” (with producer Mace and the rapper Salmo) and “Mi fai impazzire” (with the rapper Sfera Ebbasta), which reach first place in Top Singles in Italy, the last one for eight consecutive weeks. In September of the same year, BLANCO released his first album, Blu Celeste, which was certified as a Gold Album, after one week and Platinum Album, in the next one. Now, he is one of the most listened to artists in Italy.

The two of them got together and presented the song “Brividi” in Sanremo Festival 2022, which gave them the first place and the chance to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Link of the Eurovision Song :

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