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European Summer Festivals 2022: Time Warp

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Name: Time Warp

Local: Mannheim, Germany

Date: 28 to 29 October

Genres: Electronic; Techno

Time Warp’s premiere happened in 1994 at Ludwigshafen and since then became one of the biggest techno spectacles in the world. In 2000, the festival changed venue and started being hosted in Mannheim, which became its home base because of its unique floor designs and the underground spirit that is proportionate to the event (visuals, lightning shows, heavy production, installations combining fabric, technology, video and light embrace).

The festival consists of over 40 DJs and live acts from the electronic elite, giving the fans the chance to live 19 hours of an electronic adventure and an immersive experience. In 26 years, the festival had 53 editions, more than 300 artists, and over 600.000 guests. Time Warp’s success made it possible to extend the festival globally, in 2005 it happened in Prague, Vienna, Turin, Milan, and Zurich. Between 2008 and 2014 in the Netherlands, and since 2014 in Buenos Aires and New York City. Also, in 2018, it started being produced in São Paulo.

In 2022, Time Warp will happen between October 28th to 29th. It is expected a top-tier line-up and a production quality like no other. The pre-sale starts on July 4th, so if you are a fan of Electronic and Techno, you shouldn't miss this festival!

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