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European Summer Festivals 2022: SAGA Festival

Name: SAGA Festival

Local: Bucharest, Romania

Date: 3 to 5 of June 2022

Genres: EDM; Electronic; House; Techno

SAGA Festival is an annual festival held in Bucharest, that is surrounded by a mysterious atmosphere. Everything starts when, each year, a mysterious box appears in the city, and when touched unleashed powerful energy that results in the projection of an imaginary world - the SAGA Festival. Based on the two main concepts of imagination and mesmerizing creativity, the show is an escape from reality, where craziness is the key and no boring stuff is welcome.

Many artists (more than 100), different styles of music, and 6 imaginative stages (The Source; Heat; Spark; Drift; Silent Disco; and Secret Stages), that you can experience, where music will transport you to another dimension and widen your horizons.

In 2022, the SAGA Festival will happen between June 3rd and 5th, so if you want to go to a festival where the only demand is to let the music take you to another world and have fun, what are you waiting for? The tickets are already available on the official website, as the line-up for this year.

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