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European Summer Festivals 2022: Isle of Wight Festival

Name: Isle of Wight Festival

Local: Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Date: 16 to 19 of June 2022

Genres: Indie; Multigenre; Pop; Rock

The Isle of Wight Festival was originally a counterculture event that was held in Ford Farm, Wootton and Afton Down between 1968 till 1970. In 1969 the event featured Bob Dylan (his first performance since his accident), it is estimate more than 150.000 people. The year after, even more people, over 600.000 people is estimate, at that time one of the largest human gatherings in the world. this led to the parliament create some regulations to limited over-night gatherings without a license.

In 2002 the festival was revived and held at the Seaclose Park, since then it is an annual event, that brings to Newport many people, but also big names such as: The Rolling Stones, R.E.M, Amy Whinehouse, Coldplay, The Killers, The Zombies, among many others. Meanwhile, the festival has been awarded many times during the past years, for example: for Best Major Festival by the UK Festival Awards (2007); or by the Live Music Business Awards, the award of Best Festival (2016); and more.

It seems that the Isle Wight Festival is something nobody should miss, specially if you enjoy a good time, music and many different people all together. In 2022, it will happen between June 16th and 19th, both tickets and line-up are available for you on the official website.

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