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Entrepreneurship? Yes, please

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The second part of the face-to-face activities destined for the youth that graduated all the 3 MOOCs is here to be presented: the second mobility.

The purpose of this blended mobility is to equip the youth with practical and deepened experience and knowledge regarding MOOC – entrepreneurship and creative entrepreneurship.

Here as well we have a proposal for the 5-days agenda:

  • Introduction to the project and to the mobility (mobility objectives, main activities)

  • Business planning

  • EU funds accessibility (options)

  • How to write EU funded projects for the cultural sector

  • Presence online on the right platforms, networking

  • Selling the work

Additional to this, depending on the availability of the places/people, the participants will meet entrepreneurs and will get to know more about local business. Upon returning home the participants will be putting into practice the learned information and start their online promotion in order to create a strong market for their work and, why not, even start selling as freelancers their songs, establish a legal person (enterprise, freelancer) or start internships/jobs/education in the music industry where to continue their training.

The participants will have as tasks to finalize their business plan/sketching up a project proposal in the cultural sector to finance their ideas. In order to achieve these from their training, the participants will continue to benefit from feedback, support and guidance through online 1 on 1 and/or small group sessions with the experts.

We are definitely excited to have all these activities! We are not done yet though – keep in touch for more information about this vast experience!

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