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Emotional profiles in businesses

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

If you've always wanted to have your own business it is perhaps the time to see if you actually fit in the emotional profile of being an employee, freelancer (expert) or a self standing entrepreneur. Ready?


  • You know how to do tasks

  • Your mood is in accordance to the salary (you get used to the idea of having money monthly)

  • You like the idea of a stable working place

  • Fear of making wrong – someone is higher in hierarchy that assumes the responsibility (running of responsibility)

Tell me how, what I have to do


  • Good execution – you get used to having to do tasks

  • Stability – this is what I have to do, this is what I do

  • Subordination – I know how to get ‘orders’

  • Fear of change – fear of restructures

  • Lack of initiative – tendency to preserve

  • Standstill – develop personally or professionally, the personality (if it is god, why would I change)

How to work with it

  • Decide deadlines – smaller, shorter, but more often

  • Finish what you started

  • Create your working routine – it helps you becoming more efficient

  • Our intention is none of making you quit, but analyzing from the beginning what you are good at, can give you the directions of who you are at this moment.

  • Don't be afraid to learn and improve!

Free lancer (expert)

  • You enter in competition in any situation

  • You find easy defects in others

  • You have the ambition to increase your performance

You can do anything in this life, but you can’t do everything


  • Competitiveness – constructive, helps you to grow; to show the others how god they are and you are not

  • Ambition to grow

  • Motivation – for everybody

  • Scattering – you want everything, but nothing concrete in performances

  • “Expert” complex – there is no other that knows more than me, even if I do not have the needed experience

How to work with it

  • Take risks – let me do your job, but check me

  • When you are requested, you can impose conditions (salary, working conditions)

  • Show me you are good

  • Learn from the best from the field

  • Constant develop yourself

  • Make efforts, do not give up


  • You think on the long term (10, 15, 30 years)

  • You have the big picture – how everything works together, the organigram, everyone does what they are good at

  • You find easy the strengths and qualities

Tell me what I do good, not only what I do wrong


  • See the “systems” – you know what to change to work out as you want

  • Delegate tasks

  • Bring growth

  • People are systems – trying to fix everything

  • Excessive control, even if not directly

  • Correcting everyone

How to work with it

  • Learn to appreciate people, even verbally (thank you, please)

  • Look to develop the ones surrounding you – not through critics, but through example (if you want)

  • Appreciate others’ work – bring up the value in people (people have doubts about themselves)

  • Evaluates systems – see how and if it is going to work

  • Knows if it worth or not

What are the differences between the employee and entrepreneur profile?











What are the differences between the freelancer and entrepreneur profile?





being the best

being part of the system

It's ATA time!

  • Awareness – who, how you are

  • Think – what you want to be

  • Act!

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