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Do we prefer sad music?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Listening to sad music might bring us some memories, might change our mood, but have you thought before why is it always a hit? Why do we repeat it intentionally or unintentionally?

A study published by Frontiers of Psychology, in which the researchers proved that sad music has counterintuitive appeal which actually makes people feel better. While the listener listens to the sad song they experience the feelings of the singer and the writer, although it might not match their experience 100 %, but still they feel related to it by triggering them.

Being triggered by sad music and upbringing hard experiences are not unpleasant feelings; in fact it helps the listeners to chill and reveal the energy related to their experience in a healthy way. Most of the sad songs are hits and legends while happy songs are phases. Preferring sad songs over happy ones doesn't mean indeed you're sad or depressed, but it means these songs express your emotions and experience in the way you can express yourself.

“The Minor tonality is really popular these days; depending on that opinion we can say that sad music is not just about expressing a sad topic but also about the way it expresses any topic. Songs with minor tone, regardless the topic; give us the vibe of sad songs. so naturally music just sounds sadder and darker” said one of the users of Quora.

What’s your opinion?

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