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Did you know that...? Musicians

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Bruce Springsteen, the famous singer, musician and composer from New Jersey is well-known guitarist... that's why he has private security 24 hours to protect his "guitar army" or at least this is what we think about that.

The American Icon, Madonna, has a specific request for the hotels she sleeps in. As weird as It can seem, she ask the hotels to DESTROY the toilet she used before she makes the check out, but the reason is simple and is not that crazy as it seems. She does not want to anyone to sell that toilet that she used, because that person could become rich just for that. Apart from others like make the hotel switch off the lights of the gardens or outside spaces to see the stars better.

Iggy Pop and The Stooges have some unexpected request for the dressing room like the newspaper "USA Today" but they are not interested in news itself, just the morbid stories... he was even intern in the asylum until David Bowie take him out from there to record some albums, with that his life and entire career was saved by his friend.

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