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Did you know that...? Featurings

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

There are so many singers that, trying to success with a hit, make collaborations with various artist of great recognition. But there are certain cases where they just want to sing together for passion for music. What Maná, Enrique Iglesias, Emmanuel, Rosario Flores, Alejandro Sanz, Romeo Santos or Julio Iglesias have in common? All of them have make a collaboration with the Dominican Republic artist: Juan Luis Guerra (LINK TO JLG ARTICLE).

Steve Aoki, the well known American DJ, collaborate with the Colombian Singer Maná in "La Prision" Remix, Romeo Santos with the famous rapper Drake in "Odio" where both sang in Spanish and surprised the crowd. One of the most surprising is the feat between Maluma and MADONNA, yes, you are reading right, the American idol co-sang "Medellín". Another big surprise that you will find out here is how Andrea Bocelli sang with Ariana Grande, in ITALIAN! in the song "E piú ti penso".

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