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Deciding on the Right Social Media Platform

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

With so many different social platforms available, it is hard to decide which ones to choose to create an online branding. Two crucial aspects to consider are your main target group and resources to actually maintain those sites. You have to know who you want to address, the more specifically you know the answer to that, the more merit you will gain from this. Decide on key aspects as age, interests, and economical well-being.

Ask yourself, who would typically consume the content and products you are offering?

Apart from that - especially when freshly launching your online presence - you should be aware how many channels you can handle at the same time, so better start out with one and grow bit by bit. Here, Facebook and Instagram, for example, come in handy as they allow cross-posting via the Facebook Creator’s Studio. But do not settle for what is most convenient. Choose what you will benefit from the most.

Once you establish the answers to both of these questions, let’s look into the different user demographics of each social media platform. Brent Barnhard provides in his article Social media demographics to inform your brand's strategy in 2022 a brief and neat overview about the biggest social platforms with user demographics.

Although you might have a personal preference for certain social networks, keep in mind that you have to communicate from a point where your audience will also hear you. Do not waste your energy and resources building a channel on the wrong platform. Instead, try to gain inspiration from profiles offering similar content and products to yours - not to copy their style but to get a feeling for what is attractive for consumers in your field. The more you learn, experiment and implement, the more comfortable you will feel navigating and handling your online marketing.

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